Flowers, how we love them.

One of my favorite subjects to photograph is flowers. It is hard to beat nature’s beauty. The colors alone are enchanting. Adding an artful touch from skilled hands produces almost sinfully sweet eye candy. It is a great way to get your frontal cortex stimulated plus you can top it off by burying your face into the fragrant petals. Hard to beat floral.

This small gallery contains a couple of shots from a recent shoot I was involved with Pam Bell at Dragon Fly Floral in Sonoma County, California. Also are included are seasonal flowers from this spring.  “Flowers Galore!” is my title.


Bringing in images

I am starting to import images. I just did a selection of photos that feature red. The real challenge is to index the images.

These photos are all taken by me. If something interesting comes into sight, I will try to take its’ picture.

As I see this web experiment growing, I see a portfolio growing and hopefully usability growing as well.


Initial Frustration

The height of summer in the Sierra Nevada.

Getting this to fit my vision is not easy. I am fussy about the way I want this site to work. My goal is to make it easy for the user to find and preview photographs – then download them to use in either digital or print format.

As this is a work in progress I would appreciate any suggestions to get closer to the goal.

First Bridge to liberated stock photos

Nepal Foot Bridge
The only way across the river and the only trail to the village. Near the Marshandi River on the old Around Annapurna trail, Nepal.


Taking a chance

Crossing a bridge is what exploration is all about. I have always liked new places and have had to cross many bridges to see them. Most of the time I had a camera in my hand. Forty years of clicking away.

I am liberating my photos. Please use them in your web sites, brochures, posters, billboards or videos. I add new ones all the time.

Keep the photographer happy and make a donation.  It is a shout out for the idea of paying what is right and freedom in general; thanks in advance. Guidelines for donations are available.

One Rule
The only rule is that you can’t sell the photographs. You can use them in an ad, on a billboard or on facebook, just don’t sell them.

Captions and titles can be used as well. Though not all of them have them

Also please don’t ask for help on how to copy them, they are free but if you can’t figure out how to copy them from your browser, send me an email and we will work something out. If you actually want the highest res file I have, I will send it via email if you are careful to identify it by file name.